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Endless Nameless
No Input Books

Endless Nameless is a one-year No Input Books publication by James Hoff and Danny Snelson. The project began in November 2008 as Hoff and Snelson began purchasing used hard drives and filling them with a variety of digital objects in text, image, hypertext, sound, and moving picture. Each of these print-on-demand hard drives is a fully functional archive cataloged by publisher and year.

Endless Nameless presents a double articulation of popular data trafficking along with the material histories of our digitally dislocated artifacts. Cataloging this 'nude media' by original source, the book loops these distribution circuits in a nostalgic allegory of publication: celebrating the publishers while disseminating huge amounts of unsanctioned information.

Three years in the making, each hard drive comes with a unique set of curated materials drawn from the No Input Books databank. iTunes sells .mp3 files for $0.99 a song -- Endless Nameless comes in various sizes, all priced at $0.99 a gigabyte (roughly $0.003 a song).

Each unique drive comes with a one-of-a-kind book listing all the publishers for the selected drive. Note that there is a 2-week delay in processing these orders for delivery.

Each drive is 99 cents per GB plus $20 for domestic shipping and handling.


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